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Note: Once your Aperture library has been imported into Photos, you can continue to use Aperture as before. For all practical purposes, the libraries have become two completely separate sets of data. If your images in Aperture have been modified via adjustments or brushed-on edits, the edited versions and the originals are imported together into Photos. Photos is a very different app from Aperture, but Apple has endeavored to transfer your data as best it can. I tended to use Aperture in Split view, with a large image at the top of the media window and a bar at the bottom of the screen showing thumbnails of all of my images.

This view made it easier to cruise through collections of photos. Drag the edge of the thumbnail pane to make it wider or narrower.

Use 1 of These Photo Managers If You Care About Your Photo Collection (2017 Update)

Consolidate iPhoto Libraries If you have iPhoto libraries you want to import into Photos, you can actually use Aperture to consolidate them and make the leap. Then you can import your entire Aperture library, including the imported iPhoto libraries, into Photos. Fat Cat Software makes an app called iPhoto Library Manager that will consolidate your iPhoto libraries, which you can then import into Photos. Adjustments and Edits If your images in Aperture have been modified via adjustments or brushed-on edits, the edited versions and the originals are imported together into Photos.

This is when you configure Lightroom to import your images. There are a lot of options that are available, so take it easy at first. The top left should say where your Masters folder is— effectively showing you the source from where Lightroom will move files from. The left sidebar is where you should see a visual of the source as a folder hierarchy. The right sidebar shows us more options to choose. This is where we are going to select where we want our pictures and folders to be created on our hard drive.

In my workflow, I end up using Photos to help me get images from the computer to my iOS devices. The best thing to do after moving your images and having Lightroom import and move everything over is to clear out Photos to be brand spanking new!

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This step is pretty simple. Move the Photos Library over to the Trash!

Moving from Apple Photos to Lightroom - The WHY and the HOW! | Photofocus

The easiest way to create a new library at this point is to just try and launch Photos. Since the original Photos Library was thrown away to the trash, Photos has no idea what to do at this point, so it squawks at you, saying that the Library is gone! If you have no other libraries, your window will look like mine and from here, all you need to do is click Create New.

This is quite a bit simpler, but it is more of a meticulous process, leaving you able to choose which original images you want import into Lightroom. Then you can import that whole structure of folders into Lightroom.

Lightroom can then move that whole folder with the corresponding subfolders to a collective place such as the Pictures folder. The nice thing about this process is that you can pick and choose what images and albums you want to bring over to Lightroom. Often times, people I know will continue to use Photos to hold all their images and have them sync to their other devices. These are they who tend to edit only lightly and focus on iOS apps to edit their images. Then you can hold Command while clicking on images to deselect individual images or select individual images. Well, you may have made some small edits in Photos already, but this will take the original image taken, whether in JPEG or in RAW, and copy them into a safe little folder where we can retrieve them later.

The number images selected will also be designated there as well. Clicking Export should take you to the next screen where you can point Photos to a location, and have the option to create a New Folder. Create a new folder by clicking the button that says the same. I ended up making one called Motorcycle. Same thing goes!

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Top left is where you should see where you are importing the images from and make sure you have Include Subfolders on. Top and center needs to have the Move option selected! This is what is going to help you recreate the hierarchy that you made on the Desktop earlier.

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Well, the images are now in Lightroom, and you should still have a folder on the Desktop that has subfolders with nothing in it. This is safe to delete! Drag that to the trash and call it a day! If you Aperture or iPhoto, Lightroom has a built in plug-in that will help you transfer your images over, simply and easily. Mykii is an energetic and kind soul that loves sharing his passion for technology and photography! Outfitted with over 15 years of IT experience and over 10 years in the portrait photography industry, he adds his personal perspective on trending technology, reviews, and updates.

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PhotoBookGirl Goes Underwater – My Apple Aperture Photo Book Review

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