Bourdieu and Historical Analysis

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Modernism, Postmodernism, and corporate power: historicizing the architectural typology of the corporate campus Ron Kerr , Sarah Robinson , Carole Elliott. What is a Global Field? Becoming a landlord: strategies of property-based welfare in the private rental sector in Great Britain Adriana Mihaela Soaita , Beverley A. Searle , K. This happens largely as the field a more balanced and dynamic approach.

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Pas- concept, neglected in early English-language sage after passage in essay after essay ele- work, is given its fair share. More subtly, the vates the field-heavy The Rules of Art to the book also advances a logic of practicing and status of urtext at the expense of the static, evaluating historical sociology, one that habitus-heavy Distinction. Previously celebrated work enterprise.

The contributors do not always on cultural capital is a long way down the agree, and the differences go deeper than is list.

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Essays by Calhoun, Eyal, There is no doubt that Gorski et al. The edito- tual apparatus to advance the rigor of com- rial introduction clearly demonstrates the pleteness versus the rigor of parsimony, and sheer extent of the Anglo-American misun- the logic of the archaeological dig versus derstanding of Bourdieu and ably traces it the logic of the lawsuit.

They call for deploy- to the vagaries of translation. Christophe ing the greatest possible number of concepts Charle and David Swartz admirably build instead of the fewest possible number of on the introduction to outline a set of princi- hypotheses in order to uncover a substantive ples for research.

More theoretical pieces by historical research the political sensibilities Contemporary Sociology 43, 4 Downloaded from csx. The volume the criticism of puzzle-driven sociology is proves its main thesis beyond any reasonable rather muted and unevenly made, so the doubt, decisively corrects numerous misin- volume cannot be seen as a manifesto for terpretations regarding Bourdieu and his substance-driven research.

That is perhaps oeuvre, and possibly breathes new life into normal given the heterogeneity of the con- historical sociology, all while giving the tributors in terms of discipline, seniority, English-speaking world a taste of some of and additional theoretical interest. In all, Bourdieu ans Charle and Nye as well as sociologists and Historical Analysis is a must-read for are involved; the sociologists span three every practicing sociologist interested in academic generations; and any enterprise the future of the discipline.

Bourdieu and historical analysis

This is not just In White Bound, Matthew Hughey intends a matter of humor, style, and authorial voice. In a year-long with disparate theories to tentatively con- ethnographic study of two groups, one struct altogether new frameworks. In gener- a white nationalist group and the other al, such variety may be desirable.

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  7. But in the a white antiracism group, Hughey argues case of this volume, there is a veritable that the members of both groups contribute chasm, a sense of fundamental disconnect to the reproduction of white hegemonic between the two groups. That is bad news domination in their engagement in white for further prospects of cross-fertilization.

    Occasional- to the structure and cultural meanings of ly, the essays are reticent to acknowledge already existing race relationships in the good earlier work in similar vein.

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    Key terms United States, despite their divergence in are not always discussed in sufficient politics and the local variations in their depth—the matter-of-fact definition of field efforts to shape the meaning of whiteness. Lastly, the whites live, the jobs they hold, those with contributors are sometimes too respectful of whom they interact, and in their ability to the master—the volume features a fair wield power p. These practices emerge Contemporary Sociology 43, 4 Downloaded from csx.