Hammer Spade and the Diamond Smugglers (The Adventures of Hammer Spade Book 2)

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Spade is hired to find a reporter named Ray McCully. Spade finds him all right, stabbed to death! Christmas Sale Last Call, visit our site and order today!!! The Lone Ranger-Conferate Money John Dickson Carr also wrote for Cabin …. George …. Big SisterEpisode 1 Big Sister. Big Sister.

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March 23, Rickie has suddenly become angry with Ruth. Frank tries to make peace. Lillian …. Appointment With Fear was JD …. Quiet Please. August 3, "Inquest" Mr. Ross tells the story of his relations with his sister Eileen Wyllis Cooper host, writer, director , Ernest Chappell "the man who spoke to you" , …. The Alan Young Show. December 12, Alan's going to write his own opera. The Adventures Of Archie Andrews. October 19, Archie is going to a dance and Dad is trying to take a bath, not at all as easy as it sounds.

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Andy suspects that he has lost his stuff with the ladies. Hot Rod The Hardy Family.

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January 31, Andy enters his jalopy in a race, but Judge Hardy gets to it first! Fay Holden, Jack McCoy …. The Black Mass. October 10, Boston Blackie. December 13, A movie star is shot while in a trunk, but no bullet went through the trunk and the bullet wasn't inside the …. February 23, Sponsored by: Fatima.

October 27, English diplomats outwit the Germans in the eyes of the dumb Caliph of Zanzibar. Some fans have special favorites in the …. September 16, A chilling, exciting story about inmates taking over an asylum for the insane and "operating" on a visitor to cure her headache. March 30, The Party tries to trap Cvetic through his mother. Crime and Peter Chambers. June 15, Jack March is suspected of the murder of the Contessa La Fresso. She's been knifed to death.

Keep your nose on those flowers! John Daly introduces President Eisenhower during a ….

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Nick Carter. September 27, Murder and mayhem in an old movie studio The Man Called X. November 16, A large quantity of a rare drug named "streptomycin" has disappeared en route to Greece. The trail leads to the Greek island of Xenophon. Herbert Marshall, Leon Belasco, Cathy …. A Date With Judy. August 11, Aunt Lily is coming for a visit, so Judy tries to get a date for her.

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The program ends with a dramatized plea to buy war bonds. Aleen Leslie creator, writer , Debbie Ellis, Stanley …. The series made good use of author Dashiel Hammett's name , although the author had little to do with the …. Sponsored by Dr. West's Toothpaste, this program starred Donald Briggs …. Amos 'n' Andy was a situation comedy popular in the United States from the s through the s.

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The show began as one of the first radio comedy …. This world is inside you, a part of you, and you take this journey alone. Each person hears …. The main character, Frank Race, was an attorney before World …. Box 13 was a syndicated radio series about the escapades of mystery novelist Dan Holiday Alan Ladd , a former newsman. Created by Mayfair ….

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The idea for the show came from …. Scottish author.

HarperCollins, , pages. Doubleday, , pages. Allen, A Star Book , pages. Mayflower, , pages. South African author Afrikaan. Library, no , , 64 pages. Howard Baker. London, Century Publ. Universe, , pages. Killer on the loose. Treasure hunt. Targum, , pages. Irish writer. Morrow, , pages. John M. Burundi, New York, Manor Books, , pages.

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