Jesus Drives Me Crazy!: Lose Your Mind, Find Your Soul

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Calm Your Anxious Mind - Soul Shepherding

They want me to help them remove their symptoms, to control their symptoms! This just feeds into the anxiety. Furthermore, even if we could eliminate their anxiety, perhaps with anti-anxiety medicine, have we dealt with the underlying problem. Of course, I want to help people get free of anxiety!


We need to move our focus from symptoms to character. The true cure is to become the kind person who is already trusting in the Father and walking with Jesus in the Kingdom of God when stress comes. The best picture of this is Jesus napping in the boat on the Sea of Galilee when a fierce storm rolls in. How could he be so calm in danger?

JESUS DRIVES ME CRAZY!: Loose Your Mind, Find Your Soul – Leonard Sweet, 2003 PB

Because he was resting in the arms of his Abba. He was the kind of person who entrusted his life and well-being to the Father. There are many helpful relaxation exercises that help to reduce your anxiety and increase your peace. This is important because you need to re-train your body how to be at peace again. So part of the treatment is to get the anxiety out of the body! Physical exercise and progressive muscle relaxation tensing and relaxing different muscle groups are two approaches that can help you to experience the peace of Christ — especially if you meditate on Scripture or pray while do them.

Pausing to breathe in deep and slowly is actually another form of body work and it is so helpful for dealing with stress. At any moment you can find immediate help with calming down anxiety by doing just a few repetitions of breathing in deep, holding your breathe in for at least a few seconds seconds, and then slowing exhaling.

How Can You Calm Down Your Anxious Mind?

Time and again people have told me how God has used this to bring them tremendous comfort and calm. My favorite meditation is to go through Psalm 23, visualizing the scenes and forming specific prayers around each of the healing principles in this psalm. There are many other passages in the Bible that offer soothing or insight for dealing with anxiety. Did you know that scientific studies have proven prayer induces states of relaxation.

I really appreciate this article.

This article, perhaps, has been the most helpful to me out of all that I have read online in relation to anxiety and stress. It has given me a different perspective and understanding, which I really need because my anxiety seems to have gotten worse. It has been a nightmare because it has lead to anxiety and panic attacks while driving, and agoraphobia. But I have faith I will get better, and hopefully I can use this as a lesson to help others. May God bless you! Thank you for sharing that, Kelli. I hope you found these other articles on anxiety.

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We pray that they encourage and help you. However it seems He has a purpose for the unraveling. Not makes me as forcing but by wooing. Thank you for writing this article.

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I have severe anxiety. I felt better reading the process of anxiety and panic. I follow that to a T. Thank you for sharing. I know God will get me through this stressful time, but I want him to have done it yesterday! I know he has his arms wrapped around me, although I may not always feel them there. I know that throughout my life, God has always provided for me and when I have let my troubles go and given them to him, he has come through and he always will.

A good laugh and human connection always seem to warm the spirit. She has undergone a lot of difficulties in her life and struggles with anxiety. I see symptoms of this anxiety being displayed in her 9-year-old daughter, too.

Jesus Culture - Not Afraid (Live)

I am NOT a counselor, but the Lord has laid this on my heart. Thank you. Sue, thank you for your comment.

You are expressing so honestly how you are really feeling. That is awesome. You are being authentic and that is the most critical part of getting better. Everything you said described how I lived most of my life. Change happens slowly, but it will happen. A big problem of us is that we have created so many idols and counterfeit gods. We have not put God truly first and that creates so much havoc on our souls and bodies.

But praise God he loves and cares for us so much that He will use everything in our lives to make us the real men and women we need to be. He will also use us to minister and come along side so many others who are hurting and need someone who has traveled in their footsteps. Empathy is something you can truly offer those suffering. If you did not go through so much you can never offer empathy. That is a gift many do not posses.

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Sue, thank you for sharing your experience. We pray that the Lord would be your comfort and bless you with soul care friends that can come alongside your journey. Thank you so much again for writing this post. I have read many of the comments and I truly understand what you are going through. I experienced anxiety, panic attacks, bouts with loneliness, and depression. I realized that laughter, I mean hours of laughter will do incredible work on correcting damage to our bodies that has occurred. It will take time and effort, but be patient.

Proverbs Thank you so much. For some reason that has helped me, along with MUCH prayer, more than even meds. Thank you for your article which I know will help me overcome anxiety and depression. I always fight my anxiety and confusion in my mind which I do not understand that I have to accept what is happening.

Jesus Drives Me Crazy!: Lose Your Mind, Find Your Soul

Everything seems so unreal everytime I am anxious. I need help in prayers. Dear Kaye, thanking for sharing what you have been going through with anxiety and depression. My heart goes out to you and know that my prayers are with you today. They share how we can find refuge in the loving presence of God when we are dealing with stress and anxiety.

Also you can access many of our articles on anxiety at our Anxiety Article Archives. Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that Kaye will feel your Presence with her today and she will feel the joy and hope of her salvation. Cover and fill Kaye with Your peace and the love You have for Your dear daughter and how much You adore who she is in You.