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Katniss falls unconscious at the climax of all three of her own books. Frankel, Chosen One , Kindle Locations Enemies include the greedy glittery giant crab Tamatoa and the violent but semi-inept coconut people, the Kakamora.

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The first is an enormous god with an enormous treasure pile; the latter construct massive ships. Both thus are symbols of patriarchy. Moana defeats both with agility and cleverness. While the coconuts and fish are dying because of a spreading evil and heartlessness, it resembles an oil slick. Thus a subtle environmental image appears as well. However, his brute force approach fails and his fishhook is damaged. At once, he decides that another blow would destroy all his power and he will not try again.

She tells the ocean to choose someone else and returns the totem. As she despairs, her grandmother comes to her in a beautiful blue glowing manta ray and offers to guide her home. Aboard my boat, I will restore the heart to Te Fili. This is not who you are. You know who you are. The goddess sends her home in a pink and yellow flower covered boat.

The full round, the norm of the monomyth, requires that the hero shall now begin the labor of bringing the runes of wisdom, the Golden Fleece, or his sleeping princess, back into the kingdom of humanity, where the boon may rebound to the renewing of the community, the nation, the planet, or the ten thousand worlds. Back home, Moana lays a pink conch on the stone pillar, acknowledging the tradition but making her own feminine mark.

She then takes her people back to the ocean where she teaches both her prents navigation. Unlike Queen Elsa, Moana does not undergo a coronation. She does become a wayfinder for her people to teach them to sail toward the horizon. But even without seeing Moana reach the status of chieftain, the audience understands that she heads a mile closer to her ascension. Moana reminds us that the Disney heroines—some of royal birth, ordinary bookworms, maidens—should be allowed to outgrow the title of Princess and the limitations instilled upon them. Campbell, Joseph.

The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

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Princeton: Princeton University Press, Cao, Caroline. Frankel, Valerie Estelle. Gubgold, Michael. London: Richard Bentley and Son, Robinson, Tasha. Stables, Kate. Thomas, William and Kate Pavitt. The Sacred Texts Archive. Walker, Barbara G. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, Tagged as Disney , feminine , heroine's journey , MOana , Princess , symbolism , symbols. Want to share your cleverest self-promotion gimmick? Was it your bookcover wrapped around candy?

A costumed hero passing out fliers? Did you have success with a book fair? Or BookBub, Twitter, or Facebook? First person anecdote. No need to explain the basic terminology. The audience is absolutely authors getting their start and looking for neat self-promo ideas. Ideally, this would be something other writers could replicate. Basically, tell me about your booth decorations, your free coloring books, your unusual chocolates, your custom sign, your party, your book fair event, your giveaway…whatever you did that was really neat.

See my example stories below to see how I got some description of my book in.

Since this is meant to be educational and also work as advertising, I plan to publish as free ebook only on Smashwords. Thus there will be no cash involved, but you and anyone you like may download infinite copies. The hope is that authors will not only benefit from your story but also be intrigued enough to track down your book or website. And with 50 of us spreading the word and requesting it for libraries and so on, this anthology really might make an impression on the author community.

To submit, please send your complete story as well as a word third person bio. I prefer that you paste it all in the body of the email. Email to Valerie calithwain. You may send photos of yourself and your bookcovers or you doing your self-promo if you like. High quality jpgs preferred, though for the web, 72 dpi or so still works. Deadline of Nov 14, It was my first book, published as self-publishing was gaining popularity and Harry Potter was losing it, so it felt like a good purchase.

At the big Harry Potter conventions that followed, everyone had a costume and most, a specific persona — someone would be Lord Voldemort or Tonks for all five days. When people, expectedly enough, asked how the flying pig connected to Harry Potter, I handed them a bookmark with my first and now second Potter parody on it as well as many flying pigs and explained that they were in my own book — Henry Potty and the Pet Rock, in which flying pigs deliver the mail. To my delight, as I walked along, someone else stopped to ask me why the pig…but this was a reporter for the Dallas Morning News.

Shrugging and mentally surrendering to the inevitable, I assumed the hat once more. It seemed I had my own con persona…at least it was tied to the books.

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Keeping them handy in a pouch or sticking out of my purse obviously matters, as I need them on the spot. By then I was writing academic nonfiction as well, but I wore my flying pig for the attention. In a room of authors, I wanted to stand out. Plus, I thought the parodies might be a good draw.

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The gracious lady in charge asked who wrote nonfiction and I raised my hand. Laughing that someone with a flying pig on her head did serious writing, she held out the mike and asked for my story. Seemed the hat still had its magic…. At book sales all the authors have candy and bookmarks. At conventions, everyone has neat costumes. Those are nice, but not as memorable. I have also been Princess Leia with bagels over my ears.

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One guy I met at a con that way recalled me four years later. As I write this, I just earned myself 4, downloads during my KDP free days on a book with only one review. How did I manage it? Lots of work. I scheduled a five-day giveaway beginning the day before the anniversary release and ending at the end of that weekend five days at once allows more people to see all of your posts, of course.

Starting a few days before, I joined Doctor Who fan groups on Google Plus and Facebook, along with science fiction groups and author self-promo groups. I befriended top Doctor Who posters on Twitter, following them and sending them a message which many reposted. With optional book paragraph to follow. But a pitch where you can hook them in one sentence is best.

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Pasting the link ensured a picture would go up too. Varying the hashtags helps to reach more people. Starting early the morning of my free promo, I went nuts. On all the pages, I check what other people were doing.

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For Doctor Who weekend, thousands of fans were posting with Doctor Who hashtages, and other similar hashtags, which I noted and copied. I wrote several insightful blog posts, pasting my book link at the end with a note on where they could find similar material. Then I alternated posting my book ads with announcements about my blog.

Everyone was posting great websites and reviews. Not all of my comments had my ad— only where applicable. But my picture was my book cover after all….

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  4. I put the prettiest pictures on Pinterest, which each were also posted to Twitter. Many new followers were repining and admiring the great pics in my Doctor Who Pinterest Gallery. My own book covers were there as well, with a comment on the website for purchase. I attended several live Doctor Who parties which I had planned to write reviews of for more content. Many retweeted it, specifically tagging their friends who were Doctor Who lovers.

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    I did all this for British sites as well as American. If the page seemed British co. Basically, I sent out messages for five days straight, on every place I could think of, particularly those where my potential readers hang out. It worked. Leave a comment Filed under Uncategorized.