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It is now released twice annually every May and October. BCC is written in Chinese language to promote good agronomic practices - proper and efficient use of inorganic fertilizer with economic and environmental considerations. The regular issue has a circulation of over 8, copies distributed throughout China. There is no charge for this technical publication. Majumdar and Dr. BCI was intended primarily for agricultural leaders and scientists working in agronomy and related sciences outside North America.

Catalog of educational materials from the International Plant Nutrition Institute. Our collection of nutrient deficiency symptoms from research plots, farm fields, plantations, diagnostic labs, and our annual contest. The images are organized in groups including primary nutrients, secondary nutrients, and micronutrients. The image galleries and search results can be narrowed by crop-type.

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Text and diagrammatic descriptions of nutrient deficiency are also available as supporting information. Four new colorful 18 x inch posters printed on glossy paper illustrating the foods we need to eat to provide our bodies with N,P, K and S are now available can only be purchased as a set. In addition, receive the "Plants Need Proper Nutrition" poster when you order this set. These posters are a great addition to any classroom to spark discussions on healthy eating habits.

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A practical guide to forage production that anyone can read and understand. This booklet is packed with useful facts and reference lists related to plant characteristics, fertilizer and nutrients, stand establishment, animal requirements, grazing, and forage quality, including hay and silage.

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It was developed by the authors of the book, Southern Forages. The book is a translation and adaptation of the 4th edition of the popular textbook Southern Forages. The first section covers basic perspectives focusing on how potassium movement across plant cell membranes and within the plant is both facilitated and regulated and also how potassium status interacts with basic aspects of cell function. The second section focuses on developing a new and fuller understanding of how potassium nutrition and cultural management interact with crop plant performance and quality factors.

Book 1 for Grades K These page activity books introduce plant nutrients, as characters in a variety of activities such as dot-to-dot, word puzzles, coloring, mazes, matching pictures, and experiments. Book 2 for Grades Each poster includes 30 photos with seed drawings and descriptions. Appropriate for classrooms, dealerships, seed stores, or on the farm. Note: There is an increase in shipping costs if sent in a tube rather than folded.

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Please specify when ordering. A quarterly magazine where you can find technical information about the management and dynamics of N, P, K, S and other nutrients in farming systems of the region. This manual contains the topics covered in the North American version, as well as additional information on tropical crops and soils.

Rates, yields and other units of measure are presented in metrics. This page, chapter publication is GBC-bound. It is a practical and useful publication discussing the major, secondary and micronutrients, along with soil testing, plant analysis, diagnostic techniques and more.

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This series includes in-depth, critical reviews by IPNI Scientists on current issues related to plant nutrient science. The book is filled with lessons about the nitrogen cycle, photosynthesis, how plant nutrition affects the foods we eat, a board game, and problem-solving adventures. A reference guide to improve general understanding of the best management practices for the use of water and fertilizers throughout the world to enhance crop production, improve farm profitability and resource efficiency, and reduce environmental impacts related to crop production.

This publication emphasizes modern concepts of soil fertility and mineral nutrition in banana production, particularly diagnostic procedures which allow for the development of practical fertilizer recommendations for high yields. It summarizes information generated from more than 15 years of work conducted by the Costa Rican Banana Growers Association. It is presented from a perspective of efficient and economic use of mineral fertilizers and an objective evaluation of organic amendments and their contribution to the susceptibility of the banana production system.

The manual is available both in English and Spanish, popular with a range of readers including farm managers, researchers, technicians, students, and others. The goal of this manual is to teach individuals, whether students or working professionals, how to propose, test, and implement innovative strategies that increase productivity while also protecting the environment. The ability to integrate mathematics and technological advances into decisions requires a basic understanding of the scientific method, and understanding of how to develop and test conceptual and mathematical models.

This manual is loaded with sample questions and exercises. A Guide to Converting Biologically-Based Data into Economically and Scientifically-Based Practical Solutions The overall goal of this manual is to teach individuals - whether students or working professionals - how to propose, test, and implement innovative strategies that increase productivity while also protecting the environment. A basic understanding of the reactions of nitrogen in soils provides a solid foundation for making wise nutrient stewardship decisions.

This series of fact sheets, written by IPNI staff, covers the major nitrogen fertilizer transformations that occur in crop production. A series of fact sheets written by scientific staff of the International Plant Nutrition Institute IPNI that is focused on essential plant nutrients and their use. Nutrient Source Specifics are one-page fact sheets highlighting various fertilizers and nutrient sources. Written by IPNI scientific staff, these items are primarily for educational use by a non-technical audience. Consult with a local expert regarding specific recommendations on nutrient use.

Handbook for personnel in charge of plantation development. Includes guidelines on land preparation for planting surveying, land clearing, platform construction, legume cover and procedures for immature maintenance weeding, nutrient management and census activities. Handbook for personnel in charge of operations in mature plantings.

Topics cover harvesting and delivery efficiency, weeding, nutrient management, mulching with empty fruit bunches, canopy management and pruning, and to a lesser extend pest and diseases. Handbook for personnel in charge of nursery management. Includes specific instructions and information on site selection and preparation, irrigation, transplanting, monitoring seedling performance and deficiency symptoms.

This pocket-sized edition of the Immature Handbook contains all relevant information needed by field staff to implement best management practices related to land preparation for planting and procedures for immature maintenance. This pocket-sized edition of the Immature Handbook contains all relevant information needed by field staff to implement best management practices in mature plantings. This pocket-sized edition of the Nursery Handbook contains all relevant information needed by field staff to implement best management practices in oil palm nurseries.

Poster with pictures for the identification of nutrient deficiency symptoms in oil palm including brief descriptions of likely environments in which they occur. The advent of precision agriculture and new oil palm planting materials have made it necessary to provide planters with the latest information on oil palm management. This book provides an in-depth discussion on every aspect of oil palm management — from botany to nutritional needs, from managing the canopy to precision management using GIS. Pocket guide providing essential and up-to-date information on leaf sampling, quantitative surveys on deficiency symptoms, and other important guidelines related to nutrient management.

Includes a large annex with pictures of nutrient deficiency symptoms. Handy, pocket-size cards list nutrient needs of crops at various yield levels and the amounts removed in crop harvest. Indicate your choice by region. North America. This 18 x inch poster can help educate and entertain your audience. Printed on glossy paper, the poster shows and tells examples of how important proper nutrition is for producing quality foods and crops. Place it on an exhibit, a wall, or a counter This slide set is comprised of nine chapters that correspond with the 4R Plant Nutrition Manual.

Approximately slides in total.

Plant Tissue Culture Media Preparation

This series of four presentations discuss mining, production, and related technology required for making fertilizers. Each presentation includes extensive speaker notes to supplement the slides. Each presentation has 40 to 50 slides slides total. Approximately slides. The presentation is designed as a supplementary resource for the booklet.

This set is very useful for teaching situations. Approximately color slides. Poster with pictures for the identification of nutrient deficiency symptoms in rice including brief descriptions of likely environments in which they occur. Since its first introduction in , this Practical Guide became the standard referece for developing site-specific nutrient management SSNM recommendations in irrigated and favorable rainfed rice. The SSNM approach has been successfully evaluated in a wide range of farmers' fields in Asia and is now promoted by national agencies in many Asian countries.

The Guide includes a large annex with pictures of nutrient deficiency symptoms. The objective of the Site-Specific Management Guidelines series is to provide a mechanism to assemble expert knowledge in a timely fashion on site-specific management in a form useful to farmers and their advisers. Each Guideline addresses a specific issue related to site-specific soil and crop management.

Currently there are 45 titles in the series, which can be accessed from the list below. On soils where acidity limits crop yields, identification and correction of soil acidity constitutes an important part of best management practices to achieve sustainability. This booklet provides a concise review of key concepts related to soil acidity, its evaluation and control through various management options. Deforestation, resulting soil erosion, and poor crop management are the major causes of land degradation.

Soil is the farmer's basic resource, and thus, soil fertility is a key determinant in human development. This book presents the important concepts of soil fertility management in an easy-to-understand format. Full-color photographs, tables and charts are used throughout the book so that readers can quickly grasp the underlying principles of soil fertility. The Soil Fertility Manual was first published in Since then, agriculture has seen many changes, such as adoption of conservation tillage, biotechnology, precision farming, and others. Citing Literature. Volume 33 , Issue 1 September Pages Related Information.

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